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Great to find an good quality shopping site. Your honest reviews are very helpful. Please continue on. C. Roche PA

Congratulations on your Shopping Mall . Its great to know what is inside the sites, so you can choose whether to go in or not. Mary Peters - Glasgow, Scotland.

The only site I know of, that shows internet shops that deliver to UK, Ireland and the USA John Delaney - Ireland

Simple, well organised, informative. This site is easier than going into a store! Paul C. Ohio

I'm a total beginner to the internet.
Your site is clear and the best guide to internet shopping.
Mary K. NY

Well done on sourcing such a huge amount of internet shopping sites. It's my first port of call for buying on the internet.
A. Kingston - London

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have back catalogues of every DVD, CD, and Video

When you go in, use the search facility, and type in e.g.
Gone With The Wind, and you will find it in 3 places, e.g. The DVD, The Video and the CD Sountrack. Then simply choose!

The 2 above companies are the only 100% trusted to deliver with no problems at all.