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Source for Quality Educational Toys
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Educational toys com, child needs to develop a healthy understanding of reading, writing, and the mechanics of science and mathmatics
Educational toys that improve skills and make learning fun, including toys from Curiosity Kits, Leap Frog, Lauri, Neurosmith, such as the
Odyssey III Globe, Shape Sorter, Musini, Music Blocks, Tricky Fingers, and much more. Learning toys for toddlers, pre-k and up to improve
their cognitive, perceptual, sensory and motor skills, logical thinking, memory skills, language development, coordination and motor planning
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Music Blocks, Slinky, puzzles, Lauri, Neurosmith, Musini, Music Blocks, tangram, Pon Pons, games, puzzles, Tricky Fingers, Power Pumper

Our Award-Winning Foreign Languages for Travelers site teaches the very basics of over 70 languages
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Quickest way to learn, fastest way to learn, teach yourself,afrikaans, arabic, azerbaijani, basque,
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vietnamese, welsh, yiddish, zulu

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Resume and Essay Edge
Your gateway into college or a new job is your application. This site helps you get it right first time.

Educational Toys for children with learning difficulties. Huge site with a great range.

Home Study for kids
Lesson plans created by teachers to help parents, teaching children.

If you are thinking of going into networking, then this site is for you. is the second best degree online site, providing information on hundreds of programs across all of the best colleges and universities.

Computer Courses Online...
This is an excellent site for doing beginners and advanced computer courses online. - Free Trial

Brain Bench
An excellent IQ test, confidence skills, and interview techniques site.

Learn a new language
World leaders at teaching you a new language in a short space of time.

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Kids Behaviour Solutions for parents
Getting to the bottom of ADHD, bullying, and other problem child issue related subjects.



Amazon USA
Sell books on absolutely everything. When you enter use the search facility. P.S Amazon is not just for books!

USA Version

Spanish Educational Toys
Either toys for spanish speaking children or best of all, toys to teach children how to speak spanish!.

At Home Learning
is the ultimate earn a degree online education portal, not just degrees, diplomas, certificate courses the lot!. Try this first


Discovery Channel Store
Online Store of Top TV Science Channel. If you're looking for educational toys and gifts, this is your first one to check.


Amazon Europe
Sell books on absolutely everything. When you enter use the search facility. P.S Amazon is not just for books!